Full-Service Optical

Our affordable optical department is designed to meet all your vision needs, including everything from contact lenses to same-day glasses, to fashionable and prescription sunglasses. With over 1,700 frame options, we have you covered no matter your age or unique style.

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Affordable, Same-Day Glasses and Frames

For many people, going without glasses, even for a day, is more than an inconvenience. It's an impossibility. Jerde Eye Specialists is one of the only eye clinics in the Sunset Hills, Webster Groves, Crestwood, and Kirkwood areas to provide SAME-DAY, high quality glasses.

We understand that these quick results are crucial for patients as they go about their daily lives, and we also know that the quality and affordability of these glasses is just as important. There are no rushed jobs here, only efficiency and attention to detail. With a complete pair of glasses as low as $80 (which includes single-vision lenses and scratch coating), plenty of experience, and a smooth process, we provide the state-of-the-art glasses patients expect at the prices they need in a shorter time than they ever imagine.

Our optical offers a wide variety of options that may be tailored to suit not only your prescription needs but also your fashion preferences. Whether you are looking to highlight your features, play with color, or augment vision for different functions such as reading, driving, and playing sports, the skilled opticians at Jerde Eye Specialists can help. With hands-on guidance at your request, it is easy to make the best choice for your vision, style, and budget.

Contact Lenses

Looking for the right contacts for your everyday vision needs?

We can recommend the best contact lenses for you, including specialty scleral contact lenses, based on a complete eye exam and a review of your lifestyle, both at work and leisure. Because most people can wear more than one type of contact lens, it is important to discuss the choices with your eye doctor.


Protecting your clear vision from the sun starts with selecting the perfect pair of shades. Our wide and affordable selection of sunglasses includes designer brands and prescription sunglasses to ensure your vision quality and your look are on point.

Questions About Our Optical Products and Services?

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